your intranet

Deliver a modern intranet experience your employees will love — without replacing your existing intranet platform.


Workgrid isn't an intranet. It's the tool that gives you what your intranet's been missing.

Are you:

  • Struggling to make your intranet a value-added part of the digital workplace strategy?
  • Unsure of how to deliver an engaging intranet experience that makes the work day better for employees (and they actually want to use?)
  • Dreading the thought of undergoing a complete intranet overhaul?

Watch our on-demand demo and find out how Workgrid's digital assistant can bring together communications, tasks, and information from existing systems to give employees a unified experience that's personalized and relevant — right from the intranet!

Benefits of an Enhanced Intranet with Workgrid

Amplify your existing intranet by creating a space employees will visit and use often. Simplify and aggregate access to business systems, giving employees the ability to navigate through and perform daily tasks with ease.

Improved Employee Engagement


Deliver personalized tasks and information from across the organization in one centralized location, ensuring employees spend time on the intranet and visit it often. 

Employee Experience Layer


Simplify access to enterprise systems by integrating common and custom back-end systems such as HR, IT, or finance to present targeted information on the intranet.


Personalized & Targeted News Feed


Deliver information employees need, when and where they need it. Tailor smart notifications to each employee based on criteria such as office location or job function.